All supercars are not equal. Some are admittedly superior to others. Why stay behind style and time when an upgrade is just around the corner? At our company, we believe every client has the resources to get the best out of their cars.

This is why we provide options which are not readily available at a normal dealership. We take supercars and turn them into hypercars or megacars! This is what we do. Whatever brand of supercar that is lurking in your garage, we have the custom option for it.

Our custom options include a wide variety of alternatives including rims, wheels, engine and grills. We also offer fine tuning options that makes your car roar like an unleashed beast. We boost the speed of your cars, ensuring it goes at a minimum of 1000bhp for starters. There is no limit to what we offer to our clients.

We are able to accomplish this almost impossible feat in the automobile industry by afflicting ourselves as well as partnering with the foremost designers and engineers including premium after-market providers to give our clients the best upgrades money can buy.

We have a spider web of world class vendors who are on ground to obtain for our clients the most sought after and luxurious premium custom packages more often than not made with rare materials not usually used in auto manufacturing.

We have customized cars with metals such as gold, silver, and even platinum. Diamond encrusted leather seats are just an everyday option for us. Whatever our client wants they need only to ask. Our vision is to make sure we consistently elevate the expectations of our customers whenever they choose to customize their brands. To customize your supercar, please fill your custom order here.